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Monday, October 21, 2013

Just asking...

Do you know what is "asking" for?
I dunno..
but that term, in some situation, when I use it, it become like this =>

i read it, i look for it, i'm seriously finding about it and sometimes i feel like i'm lost
but then when i know it, (hmm, not at all), i'll keep silence
then, u ask me.. i give the answer
now, i ask u..i'm really asking u right now.. n i'm really hope for the answer
but samtaim u giv, samtaim u dont
when the time comes you'll know, that the time i ask u, it can be just asking and I know the answer
I just want to read it.. I just want to know it.. hear?? maybe belom lagi.. cannot2..
i hope u understand
please dont hate me

pleaseee...i'm just.....

huh, mengade giler
merojak merosak bahasa kejap