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Thursday, June 14, 2012


When I began to feel that something is not right, I tried to find “something”. I tried to find and keep looking. Finally, I found that “something”. I don’t know what I should do. Then, I started to like and feel like to have that “something” but I still remain silent without do anything. So, I always look at that “something”. Suddenly, when I saw it, I see there is other things that make me want to throw and forget that “something”. So I stopped to see it again. 

Later, the same thing happens again to me. I still do the same things that I have done before. But, the thing I don’t like happens again. So I started to think, why this did happen over and over again. Yes, I got it. Probably, that “something” is not the best for me. 

Maybe, Allah asks me to stop looking for that “something” and told me to wait for the “something” else that much better than before. Start from now, I will never try to find that "something". And I sincerely hope that “something” will be there and came to me.